Energy Sector Strategy and Supply Chain Optimization

(3 Partners / 12 Associates)

Core Specializations:

  • Oil, Gas and Oil Sands Project Management
  • Linear Energy Infrastructure Project Activity
  • Consultation with Indigenous Stakeholders
  • First Nations/Métis Communities Project Engagement
  • Best-Available-Solution Supply Chain Optimization
  • Renewable Energy Project Financing/Development

Practice Group Leads:


Shane Pospisil

Chief Operating Officer, /
Senior Partner, North America

Edmonton, Alberta

Direct: 1 780 860 5100

B.A. (Business and Economics), University of British Columbia; M.A. (Economics and Industrial Relations), Queen’s University; Sloan Scholar (Industrial/Business Strategy), Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ivey Executive Leadership Certificate, University of Western Ontario.


Note: As with the Export Market Development Practice Group, full internal multilingual capabilities are available within the firm for all of the major Latin American, Eastern European and Middle Eastern economies.


Ryan Matthews-small

Ryan Matthews

Senior Advisor and Counsel
Africa and the Middle East

Cape Town, South Africa

Direct: +27 79 939 9705

B.A. (Business and Social Sciences), University of Cape Town; Post-Graduate Merit List Diploma (Industrial Strategy and Marketing Management), University of Cape Town.