Energy Sector Strategy and Supply Chain Optimization

(3 Partners / 12 Associates)

Core Specializations:

  • Oil, Gas and Oil Sands Project Management
  • Linear Energy Infrastructure Project Activity
  • Consultation with Indigenous Stakeholders
  • First Nations/Métis Communities Project Engagement
  • Best-Available-Solution Supply Chain Optimization
  • Renewable Energy Project Financing/Development

Practice Group Leads:


Leonie (Leo) Baudelaire

Senior Partner, Service and Supply Chain Logistics

Calgary, Alberta CANADA

Direct: 1 587 408 7210

B.A. (Economics), University of Georgia; MBA (Supply Chain Management and International Trade), Columbia University.


Ryan Matthews

Senior Advisor and Counsel,
Africa and the Middle East

Johannesburg and Cape Town, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

Direct: +27 79 939 9705

B.A. (Business and Social Sciences), University of Cape Town; Post-Graduate Merit List Diploma (Industrial Strategy and Marketing Management), University of Cape Town.

*Full internal multilingual capabilities are available within the firm for all major Latin American, Eastern European and Middle Eastern economies.