The core competency of the NWO Team is built on our collective and shared talents for applying leading-edge economic and technology-driven research/analysis to the development of effective, forward-looking and mission-critical business strategies.

Our value proposition is focused on client-centered results, and the firm’s expertise and experience is reflected in the highly-talented, innovative and creative Partners, Associates and staff who serve our many Clients each and every day.

New West’s Chief Operating Officer is Shane Pospisil, Senior Partner, North America. The firm’s Senior Partner, USA is James Padilla Jr., also the firm’s Senior Partner responsible for Latin America.

New West’s Senior Advisor and Counsel, North America is Mr. James Padilla Sr., former President and Chief Operating Officer of The Ford Motor Company. Jim is the firm’s resident manufacturing sector and business and export strategy expert, and makes his vast knowledge, expertise and business networks available – when and where required – to better inform all projects across the firm.

The firm's Senior Advisor and Counsel, Africa and the Middle East, is Mr. Ryan Matthews.  Ryan is a former Deputy Director for Africa at The Oil and Gas Council and has long been recognized as one of South Africa's leading business and community development consultants.

Mr. Matthews will Co-Chair the firm’s Export Market Development and Energy Sector Strategy and Supply Chain Optimization Practice Groups, and will be based out of the new NWO Regional Office in Cape Town, South Africa. Ryan can be contacted directly at +27 79 939 9705, or by email at

“Since its founding, New West Opportunities has had a tradition of rotating the Chief Operating Officer position amongst the senior Partners. For the next two years, I will be taking on this position, in addition to my role as Senior Partner. The firm’s Edmonton Office will also become the firm’s Head Office for the next two years, and will expand to a complement of 3 Partners, 10 Associates and 4 administrative and project support staff.

I look forward to my expanded role as the firm continues to broaden and expand the services we offer to both our public and private sector Clients…not just in Alberta, but across North America and internationally, and now including a significant presence in both Ottawa and Washington D.C.”

Shane Pospisil, Chief Operating Officer








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