Export Market Development

(2 Partners / 12 Associates)

Core Specializations:

  • Market Development Strategy
  • Export Capacities Evaluation and Build-Out
  • Export Financing/Business Risk Mitigation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Industrial Sales Strategy/Execution

Practice Group Leads:


Shane Pospisil

Chief Operating Officer
Senior Partner, North America

Edmonton, Alberta


Direct: 1 780 860 5100


Ryan Matthews

Senior Advisor and Counsel,
Africa and the Middle East

Cape Town, South Africa

Direct: +27 79 939 9705

B.A. (Business and Economics), University of British Columbia; M.A. (Economics and Industrial Relations), Queen’s University; Sloan Scholar (Industrial/Business Strategy), Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ivey Executive Leadership Certificate, University of Western Ontario.


B.A. (Business and Social Sciences), University of Cape Town; Post-Graduate Merit List Diploma (Industrial Strategy and Marketing Management), University of Cape Town.

Note: Full internal multilingual capabilities are available within the firm for all of the major Latin American, Eastern European and Middle Eastern economies.